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Advertising in mena goes digital

Autor: ALLAGUI, Ilhem

Editorial: Routledge

Categoria: Propaganda e comunicação organizacional

Link: https://iamcr.org/publications/members-books/book-allagui-2119?fbclid=IwAR0GKEJ8fb8r0SobaICeTa_ZxVSjjUEah_Xv37q5KWR0kPEjyBvC9nsuNqk



An inside story of local, regional and global advertising in the Middle East. Grounded in empirical research and theories, this book explores the evolution of advertising practices, audiences, digital media and communication technologies in increasingly complex MENA environments.

Advertising in MENA Goes Digital draws on empirical research and theories to explore how the adoption of digital technology in the Middle East and North Africa, through information and communication technologies, social media and mobile, have shaped creative advertising solutions. Through key case studies of marketing in the pan-Arab market from regional and global brands as Procter & Gamble, Olay, Vimto, and MTV Arabia, the book sheds light on the intricate relationship between technological and societal development and advertising practice. It examines cultural constituents such as humor, religion and gender, political advertising driven by the new wave of democracy in the region and digital activism, technological and digital transformations and the economic ways advertising support new media start-ups. Supported by examples and campaigns, the book discusses the way global or regional brands standardized or localized their messaging while adopting international techniques but market-oriented solutions.

The book will key reading for scholars and students in advertising, marketing, business, journalism, cultural studies and media in addition to Middle East Studies. It is also an essential text for media and marketing communication industry professionals, and will appeal to those interested in the global-local dichotomy and promotional communications.

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