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Communicating Your Research with Social Media A Practical Guide to Using Blogs, Podcasts, Data Visualisations and Video

Autor: Mollett, Amy; Cheryl, Brumley; Chris, Gilson; Sierra, Williams

Editorial: SAGE Publishing

Categoria: Expressões audiovisuais

Link: https://us.sagepub.com/en-us/nam/communicating-your-research-with-social-media/book245914%20



This dynamic, engaging guide empowers you to go beyond bar charts and jargon-filled journal articles to bring research your online and present it in a way that highlights and maximizes its relevance through social media.

Drawing upon a wealth of timely, real-world examples, the authors present a framework for fully incorporating social media within each step of the research process. From visualizing available data to tailoring social media to meet your needs, this book explores proactive ways to share cutting edge research. A complete "how to" for communicating research through blogs, podcasts, data visualizations, and video, it teaches readers how to use social media to:

Create and share images, audio, and video in ways that positively impacts your research

Connect and collaborate with other researchers
Measure and quantify research communication efforts for funders
Provide research evidence in innovative digital formats
Reach wider, more engaged audiences in academia and beyond

Through practical advice and actionable strategies, Communicating Your Research with Social Media shows how to achieve and sustain research impact through social media.

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