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Digital Technologies for Democratic Governance in Latin America: Opportunities and Risks

Autor: Breuer, Anita

Editorial: Taylor & Francis Ltd

Categoria: Tecnologies de la comunicació

Enllaç: http://www.download-epub.com/book/digital-technologies-for-democratic-governance-in-latin-america-opportunities-and-risks/?utm_source=locker&utm_campaign=locker_facebook&utm_medium=share&utm_content=Digital+Technologies+for+Democratic+Governance+in+Latin+America%3A+Opportunities+and+Risks&utm_term=9781138686793




This book is the first to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the political and societal impacts of communication technologies (ICT) new information and in the southern hemisphere area. It evaluates under what circumstances succeeded some Latin American governments and people in addressing opportunities for the spread of information and communication technology, while others with a pessimistic scenario of social divisions and increasing democracy, digitally created faces. Specifically, the book examines if and how widespread the use of new information and communication technology affected the fundamental goals of democratic governance such as the reduction of non-social and economic equality and equality; promote the participation of citizens in political decision-making process. Increase the transparency of legislative processes; improve administrative processes; provide free access to government data and information. And it expanded independent spaces to connect the citizen. State of the country and across the country is exploring a range of initiatives from the bottom up to promote democracy in the region. Writers, researchers and students provides an interdisciplinary approach to these issues by linking theories used in the media and politics, political communication and political participation, and governance. Give voice to the original community of the region and with direct experience in the region, it combines a uniquely together contributions from political scientists, researchers and specialists in communication studies in area studies who have a strong track record in political activity, development and international cooperation.

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